Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spring Opportunities

As the waters warm in early spring you cant help but get excited about all the opportunities coming in the next few months. Whether it be Walleye or trophy sturgeon or spring chinook. All three species will keep you occupied through mid summer. Walleye fishing is a blast if your looking to load up the freezer for the best eating table fare that swims. Lots of action and great for families. If your looking to get on a quest to see how much you can handle then sturgeon is your fish. Normal days of 7 to 10 fish ranging between 7 to 10 feet with an occasional 12 footer is common. These fish are strong acrobatic and  down rite exhausting. I start targeting these May 1 through July. Spring chinook are sought after there high fat content and hard fighting runs. Many anglers put up 100's of hours in search of these. I start targeting these in April and it will go through June. Here are a few pics of past spring trips.


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Sturgeon fishing

         The migration of sturgeon has moved in to the Willamette for the winter. This winter fishery is a catch and release only. It is a very action packed day with average days of 30 to 50 fish between 2 and 5 feet. We do occasionally get in to larger fish up to 8 feet during this season. I solely use my light rods that i make and it is a blast. I have recently got a new boat and it fishes 6 great. It does have a top and a heater. I do sell licenses on board so all you have to do is show up and have a great time. Here are a few trips from the last few weeks. Thank you


2017 recap for Sturgeon,walleye and salmon

                Going in to the new year you can't help but be energized and motivated to get back on the water. Mother nature had a different plan for us. Keeper sturgeon gets under way in January and usually goes till the end of the month. This year we got blasted by arctic weather the entire month and it continued all through February. The season closed mid march with very little effort and minimal harvest. The walleye fishing was about 2 months behind schedule due to the cold high water but when it finally started it was the best walleye fishing i have ever seen. In May we were doing around a 40 fish average with the best day being 77 for the boat. With the spring Chinook run being tough due to the cold water there was a lot of effort on the walleye. It continued good through July then it gradually slowed. I was fortunate enough to land what would of exceeded the state record walleye and would of been just shy of the world record. The fish was 36 inches long and had just spawned a few weeks prior to me catching it. Record numbers of shad came through this year starting at the end of May and winding down mid July. With all the snow pack we had last winter the spring run off was incredible. Oversize fishing was great with 7 to 10 fish days with a average around 8.5 feet. I started this the first week of May and it continued through the 3rd week of august this year. Fall Chinook fishing was good as i start this September 1 through October. We did have a few weather fronts that made things tough in October but overall it was a success. Looking back on the year it was a good year with a late start. I had a lot of great days on the water meeting new people and making memories. I ordered a new boat finally in February and it showed up mid October. It is huge and can comfortably fish 6 people. Am very excited for the new year. Thanks to all who make me able to do what i love to do. See you on the water. Here are a few pics to sun up 2017

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Walleye and salmon fishing.

 The keeper season on the Columbia was very tough this winter. This was the worst winter i have seen. High winds big snow freezing rain and extremely cold water made this less than desirable. The last few weeks of the season we did get in to some nice keepers. Walleye fishing is under way and will provide plenty of action for the next few months. Spring chinook are on there way. As soon as the water drops and clears it is going to be time to be on the water. We deserve sun and zero winds and 80 degree days for months on end after dealing with this winter. Hear are some pics over the last few months.  Thank you!

Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 was a great year on the water. I started off the year with a short keeper sturgeon season followed by catch and release sturgeon on the Willamette river. The Willamette river provides plenty of action for fish ranging between 3 and 5 feet! 20 to 50 fish days are very common while being targeted with lighter rods makes for a very action packed day. Next we were on to walleye's on the Columbia. Starting in The 3rd week of February through May provided plenty of action and in my opinion the best eating fish there is. 10 to 20 fish days were very common this spring. Next was salmon. It was up and down with the low clear water but we managed to get a few. I spent many months targeting the "BIG BOYS". We did land 4 fish over 12 feet this year with the average fish around 8.5 feet. With all of the snow pack going in to the new year it is shaping up to be a great year. I moored the boat yesterday for the keeper sturgeon season and have high hopes. Looked very good! Hear are a few pics of 2016 and thank to everyone who made it possible for me to do what i love to do!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring has sprung. Walleye fishing has been great for the past month. It is starting to slow down a bit with all the pressure that there has been. Catch and release sturgeon has been red hot in the Willamette and will continue to get better with the river levels coming back in to shape. I did my first spring salmon trip a few days ago and ended up with a few nice fish. The next few months are going to be great fishing. Here are a few pics from the last few weeks.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The winter keeper season was tough due to the consistent east winds. When ever the wind switched to the west were able to get some keepers. The fish were in amazingly great shape this winter. The catch and release sturgeon fishery on the Willamette is going great. We are averaging around 15 fish a rod on full day trips. The hottest thing going rite now is walleye fishing. Great table fair and a blast to catch these fish will be going through October. With the Columbia running about 4 degrees above average the fish are on the bite. Spring Chinook are starting to be caught sporadically and will arrive in good numbers the first week of April. I only have a handful of dates open through October so if your planning that summer vacation i would love to get you on the water and make it a memorable day for you! Thanks to all that help me do what i love to do! Hear are a few pics from the past 7 weeks.