Saturday, August 15, 2009

Columbia River below Bonneville Dam
Over-sized sturgeon fishing trip
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Today we hooked up four over-sized BIG sturgeon that measured between 6 & 8-feet long and weighed 175 to 250-pounds! N.W. writer/photographer, John L. Beath also hooked up a really big sturgeon while fishing with his favorite small reel, an Accurate Boss 270 single speed precision reel loaded with #30 pound braid. Beath played the fish for quite a while and wanted to put the small reel to the test.

Beath tightened the drag all the way to the maximum setting and hung on tight as the big sturgeon continued to peel line from the small reel, even though the drag was set at about #30 pounds of drag. As Beath noted, "This reel can handle any fish in the N.W., but the angler and the line might not be able to handle as much as the Accurate reel!"

The small Accurate reel worked perfectly, but eventually the light line broke under the constant hard runs of the huge sturgeon. If only he would have backed the drag off just a few pounds of drag, we might have seen the fish.

In addition to catching four "over-sized" sturgeon today, Beath also landed and released two legal sized fish that fell on the "barely legal" length and "almost over" size. During August anglers must release all sturgeon. The term "legal size" refers to a sturgeon that falls within a length range set by the Oregon and Washington Fish and Wildlife departments.

In late fall and early winter I'll be guiding anglers for these legals and should have excellent results. Beath will be back on the boat in November to once again test his Boss 270 Accurate fishing reel, but he says next time he'll load it with #50 or #65 pound line.

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