Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Columbia/Willamette sturgeon reports Feb 2011

As every one anticipated the opener on the Willamette there was a lot of pressure. Thursday February 17th started out great with limits by 8 A.M. Friday was still good with limits by 11 A.M and Saturday there was a big weather change that shut down the bite. You can look at this two ways. One there were only 384 fish recorded on the first three day week and fishing will carry through the end of March. The other way to look at it is spring fish are much harder to catch than fall fish which is reality. With all the storms and barometric pressure changes you can be gold one day and work your tail off the next day just to put a few fish in the boat. (THAT'S FISHING) There are quite a few over size in the mix now and are providing plenty of action. Be selective on what you keep to keep the river open that much longer. I finished up the Columbia fishery with some very good results. ODFW gave us an additional 800 fish this year and the season closed 2 days earlier than last year due to all the pressure. I would recommend raising the bottom slot from 38" up to 42" and this season would go in to June like it did 3 years ago with only a 700 fish quota. All in all it has been a great year so far and am looking forward to some over size fishing this spring. Here are some pis from the last several weeks and thanks to all who fished with me. Big keeper honors of the week go to 9 year old Joe from Crescent City Ca. Joe landed a nice 52" on squid on the Willamette. The fish was 1" bigger than Joe. Good job little man and good luck on the trapping. Joe's hobby is trapping whatever climbs in his live traps. So far he has gotten a possum a raccoon and his neighbors house cat (WHOOPS!) See you on the water.

Charlie Foster