Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The winter keeper season was tough due to the consistent east winds. When ever the wind switched to the west were able to get some keepers. The fish were in amazingly great shape this winter. The catch and release sturgeon fishery on the Willamette is going great. We are averaging around 15 fish a rod on full day trips. The hottest thing going rite now is walleye fishing. Great table fair and a blast to catch these fish will be going through October. With the Columbia running about 4 degrees above average the fish are on the bite. Spring Chinook are starting to be caught sporadically and will arrive in good numbers the first week of April. I only have a handful of dates open through October so if your planning that summer vacation i would love to get you on the water and make it a memorable day for you! Thanks to all that help me do what i love to do! Hear are a few pics from the past 7 weeks.