Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sturgeon fishing on the Willamette continues to be phenomenal. The water temp came up a few degrees last week and set it on fire! On my last trip i had 5 guys in the boat and we landed 19 fish 14 of them were oversize and we had two doubles on oversize. I had the day off on Friday so we tried our luck on steelhead. It was surprisingly good. The summers have entered the Willamette and are in greater numbers than the winter fish. Here are a few pics from last week. Charlie Foster Northwest Sturgeon Adventures 503-820-1189

Thursday, February 28, 2013

If i could rate the over size fishing now on the Willamette it would be a ten. On Wednesday Jeff and Doug joined me on the Willamette in search of some beasts. The tides were in our favor all day and the barometer had been stable for the past three days. The anticipation was high. We got a bit of rain last week that rose the river just enough enough to move some fish around. We were on anchor less than 5 minutes when we got our first fish a fat 9 footer. The second was another 9 footer and shortly after that a 7 footer. We were not getting a lot of bites but what we did get was well worth the wait. We had a few more opportunities and finally we hooked in to a beast. This one was 10 1/2 feet and pissed. In the fall we get a lot of migratory fish that come in from the Columbia to winter over in the Willamette and you can always tell when you get a fresh one. They do not give up nearly as easy. We came off the anchor and floated by a hand full of boats that were trying there luck. When it was all said and done it had taken us about a mile down river and about 40 minutes to bring it to the boat. Where else can you go and catch these beasts in your back yard. I am very fortunate that i grew up in the Northwest and got to experience this fishery because it is truly awesome. Thanks to all who have made it possible for me to do what i truly love to do. Take care and see you on the water. Charlie Foster

Friday, February 22, 2013

The catch and release sturgeon fishing on the Willamette has been good. The water level is very low but it will be coming up with this weeks rain. I have been focusing my time in Oregon City looking for big fish and it is paying off. Noah and Audra joined me for a 1/2 day trip on Sunday. I had high expectations but with the low flows the fish were on the move. We ended rite back in Oregon City and had a few hours of arm burning action. Noah landed several nice fish and caught the biggest fish of his life. Most fish are biting on squid but i anticipate the smelt bite to take off this week with the rising water. The water temp is up to 46 degrees and a few fish are getting some hang time. We did have a 7 footer jump 4 times but i was not fast enough on the camera but i did get another oversize jump. there are more and more springers being caught throughout the lower river and the sea lions are eating a few down in the harbor. End of March it will be go time on this fishery. Here are some pics from this past week. Take care Charlie Foster 503-820-1189

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sturgeon fishing on the Willamette has been on fire. I fished Monday Thurs,Friday and Saturday. Oversize in the Oregon City area has been very productive. All fish in this area are being caught on squid in 30-60 feet of water. Big fish of the week was a 9 footer on Thursday. In the four days we landed 34 fish. 12 of which were oversize. Water temp is up to 47. We did have one fish that jumped four times. Back on the water tomorrow. Charlie Foster 503-820-1189

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bonneville Pool came to a close for keeper sturgeon on Feb 10. We finished up with great results. The west wind had been blowing all week and conditions were not ideal.I will be on the Willamette all week chasing oversize. There were a few salmon caught over the weekend. As the water drops and clarity improves i will be chasing them in the harbor. Thanks and see you on the water.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Keeper sturgeon continues to be great. We are averaging 40 to 60 fish days to get limits. The weather has warmed and the winds have died way down. Here are a few pics from this past week. I hear there are a few springers in the system. I will start targeting them about the third week in March. Take care and see you on the water Charlie Foster 503-820-1189

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The weather has finally broke in the George. Now we can get down to business. Contrary to odfw fishing has been very good in the pool. Action is great with many days of 40 plus fish. The keeper ratio is off this year due to the cold water temp. Deep water and lite rods makes for a great day. We are averaging 2 to 5 keepers a day depending on the west winds. The boat pressure is very lite. I have the boat moored in Cascade Locks and the fish checker finally found me today. It only took a month! Here are a few pics from this past week. Take care Charlie 503-820-1189

Monday, January 7, 2013

January got off to a great start. I had a day off and decided to take advantage of the clear dropping water of the Willamette. This is not seen very often as the Willamette pushes its banks in the winter months. Even though the action was slow we did manage to land a nice hatchery
with the new barbless rules in effect it did not seem to matter. In the George it was a bit different. As the new year came so did the east winds. The winds on Monday were way beyond fishable and that continued Tuesday through Thursday. Friday we finally got out and the winds were still screaming so we pulled the boat out and headed for Hood River. It was as flat as can be but we did not land any keepers. 40 fish. On Saturday we ended up getting a break from the winds and got some keepers as well as 50 shakers. This week is getting off to a rough start as the man is calling for big south winds that will continue to Wednesday morning.See you on the water Charlie Foster 503-820-1189