Thursday, February 28, 2013

If i could rate the over size fishing now on the Willamette it would be a ten. On Wednesday Jeff and Doug joined me on the Willamette in search of some beasts. The tides were in our favor all day and the barometer had been stable for the past three days. The anticipation was high. We got a bit of rain last week that rose the river just enough enough to move some fish around. We were on anchor less than 5 minutes when we got our first fish a fat 9 footer. The second was another 9 footer and shortly after that a 7 footer. We were not getting a lot of bites but what we did get was well worth the wait. We had a few more opportunities and finally we hooked in to a beast. This one was 10 1/2 feet and pissed. In the fall we get a lot of migratory fish that come in from the Columbia to winter over in the Willamette and you can always tell when you get a fresh one. They do not give up nearly as easy. We came off the anchor and floated by a hand full of boats that were trying there luck. When it was all said and done it had taken us about a mile down river and about 40 minutes to bring it to the boat. Where else can you go and catch these beasts in your back yard. I am very fortunate that i grew up in the Northwest and got to experience this fishery because it is truly awesome. Thanks to all who have made it possible for me to do what i truly love to do. Take care and see you on the water. Charlie Foster

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