Monday, January 18, 2010

Columbia Sturgeon Report

Have spent the last three weeks making both keeper and over size rods for the up coming season. Time to get back on the water. I went to an undisclosed location because of a certain tip that i got. I am glad that we made the move because i have not seen action like this for quite a while. Day one we landed 30 fish for 5 anglers, 7 legals and 23 shakers. I thought this was good but the next day fishing was insane. For 3 anglers we landed 81 shakers and 11 keepers in 5 hours of fishing. We managed to run out of bait (9 pounds of squid) which normally is not a welcome site but today it was well desired by my self. I started getting the famous Columbia river smelt last week. If you can find them you better buy them up, this will probably be the last year for them. Here are a few pics from January 16 and 17. Thanks and see you on the water.


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