Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Columbia sturgeon report/September

The September anticipation for over size sturgeon was well worth the wait. With all of the good water opening up September fist above Skamania Island there were several spots that continually produced big numbers of big fish. We ended up fishing 28 days in September landing 178 over size with the biggest being a big 11 footer. Several 10 footers and a lot of 7 to 9 footers. our best day was 15 over size. If you did not want to target the big boys or in some cases needed a break you can throw small baits and catch 50-60 small fish. There are quite a few keepers that are hold overs from this spring that will provide plenty of action for the October opener of retention. The water temps were cooler in September than normal and have been stable for the last month. The migratory fish have not started moving and will not move until the water temp starts dropping. Most are going hunting this weekend so it will not be as crowded as normal. We are going to be test fishing some new baits this fall and hope to discover the new secret bait. Take care and see you on the water.


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