Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Columbia/Willamette sturgeon reports June 2011

Sorry that i have not posted any thing in a while it was not due to lack of water time. As every one knows the water is extremely high and has every thing all backed up. The Willamette is starting to warm up and will continue to do so with the warming air temps. Current water temp in Oregon City was 50 degrees yesterday June 7. The Willamette remained unseasonably cool so there was not a big push of fish to leave the river system to start the migration. This made for an absolute blast for catch and release fishery. There were several days we were landing 30 to 50 fish and out of that 25 legals. The over size fishery is doing well with 4 to 11 fish being landed daily. The biggest that we have gotten was a 10 foot 2 inch. The shad have been difficult to catch due to the cold water but they are around. There are some over size being caught on the Columbia but you need a good chunk of lead to keep it down. Nick from Massachusetts fished with me last week and had a pretty good shocker. Nick hooked a nice over size and fought it for about 15 minutes and then something happened. the line went slack and then it went taught again. Nick kept pumping away and soon i saw leader. Looking down in the water the first thing i saw was the name Minn kota. Nick had landed a 30lb thrust trolling motor. "WOW" It is in the garage drying out. Here are some pics from the last few months and see you on the water.

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