Friday, November 30, 2012

Fall Sturgeon report

As the winter rains have came and the calm sunny days have faded away one thing is always
certain. Sturgeon fishing is on fire! Even though it is a catch and release fishery it is untapped with pressure of man. Water levels have rose and clarity has diminished to mere inches and it is go time if you are looking for action. Today we had a great day fishing big water. As sea lions breached looking for salmon in the stained waters sturgeon were every where. We landed fish in 10 feet up to 40 feet. At times it was hard to tell when we were getting bit there were so many fish cruising in search of there next meal. We landed about 16 fish today with 7 overs 2 4 footers and a hand full of shakers. Big fish today was a 7 foot 9 inch caught by Doug. Thanks to Joe Doug and Jeff for the good times. Here are some pics. Check out the flows coming off of the falls (very impressive)Take care

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