Sunday, December 30, 2012

The last trip of the year today. we had got some rain last night and of course it had to freeze up over night. It was an interesting drive this morning but well worth it. I had a steady client out today Jeff Ague in search of oversize sturgeon. Jeff has a passion for big sturgeon and is on a quest to continuously beet his record. I can appreciate this as the white sturgeon holds a special spot in my heart. To catch oversize and target them in the middle of winter is not that easy. You have to take in to account all of the variables that are occurring in the winter months. Today we focused on back eddy's as close to the falls as we could get. With the water temp at 44 degrees i knew where the fish would be stacked and they were. In the first hour we landed 4 overs in 20 feet of water and then it died. We opted to try another location and it was good but just smaller fish. We headed back up to the original location but dropped the hook so we were fishing in 35 feet of water. It was only 5 minutes between fish and we boated another 4 overs. The last fish i got for 2012 was a fat 52". Good karma
for 2013. I have 7 days left for keeper fishing through Feb 10 2013. Here are few pics from today. Charlie Foster 503-820-1189

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