Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spring Opportunities

As the waters warm in early spring you cant help but get excited about all the opportunities coming in the next few months. Whether it be Walleye or trophy sturgeon or spring chinook. All three species will keep you occupied through mid summer. Walleye fishing is a blast if your looking to load up the freezer for the best eating table fare that swims. Lots of action and great for families. If your looking to get on a quest to see how much you can handle then sturgeon is your fish. Normal days of 7 to 10 fish ranging between 7 to 10 feet with an occasional 12 footer is common. These fish are strong acrobatic and  down rite exhausting. I start targeting these May 1 through July. Spring chinook are sought after there high fat content and hard fighting runs. Many anglers put up 100's of hours in search of these. I start targeting these in April and it will go through June. Here are a few pics of past spring trips.


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